aromatherapy-oilsFacets Aromatherapy have placed ourselves as a leading supplier of aromatherapy essential oils, pre-mixed and concentrate, in South Africa. With our extensive knowledge and experience within the aromatherapy industry, our products are used in world-class spas and salons, and are available in leading pharmacy outlets nationwide.





Worldwide people were becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of natural preventative health. 

As popularity grew many were turning to alternative forms of treatment, aromatherapy being one of those treatments.

In answer to this growing demand,& being aware of the dangers of uninformed use, Facets Aromatherapy developed a range of pre-mixed oils for those wishing to experience the benefits of aromatherapy in the privacy of their home environment, while also supplying a quality range of pure essential oils to the professional therapists. 

Facets Aromatherapy Marketing has become one of the most trusted brands in South Africa.


Welcome to the beautiful relaxing world of aromatherapy