Aromatherapy is the use of natural elements in nature such as herbs, plants, flowers & certain trees, that have healing benefits both physically & emotionally.

The traditional use of aromatic materials for healing & beauty is as old as time, stemming back to all the ancient civilisations such as Egypt, China, Greece & Rome. These wonderful aromatic oils were used in medicines,baths,for massage & also in cosmetics.

Essential oils are not oils in the everyday sense of the word- they are not greasy or fatty. They are volatile, highly concentrated & extremely complex substances. Individual oils may contain many hundreds of chemicals & trace elements, some in infinitesimal quantities, which all react in a way impossible to reproduce synthetically.

Modern day health professionals whether orthodox or complimentary health, recognise the importance of the link between mind & body,- that is our emotional response to external stress has a direct effect on the physical body.

Unlike drugs, essential oils are particularly good at harmonising states of imbalance, thus helping to reduce the effects of stress & anxiety

Pre-Mixed Oils


Our pre-mixed oils are ready for immediate use as massage or bath oil.

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Mood Massage Oils


We have a range or specially blended aromatherapy oils to suit a variety of mood enhancements and healing requirements.