Essential Oils & the Psychology of Smell

The psychology of aroma and the effect it has on the mind is perhaps the least understood areas regarding essential oils. There is no doubt that throughout history aromatic oils have been used to influence the emotion and state of mind, and this is the basis of their use as incense and ritualistic purposes.

It is already known that two olfactory nerve tracts run right into the limbic system (the part of the brain concerned with memory and emotion), which means that scent can evoke and immediate and powerful response which defies rational analysis.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and as a rule should not be applied neat. Qualified aromatherapists blend the concentrates with special vegetable oils called the "carrier base". However for the unqualified person wishing to experience the unique pleasure of aromatherapy in their own home, the pre-mixed oils, which have already been blended into their correct concentrations, are more convenient and safe.

What are the benefits of using Pre-mixed Oils versus Concentrates

Three factors:

  1. Cost effectiveness - Saving the cost of purchasing the carrier base and the concentrate separately.
  2. Safety - Blended into the correct concentrations, especially for those unfamiliar with the risk of using essential oils in concentrate form.
  3. Convenience - Ready for immediate use, no fuss, no mess.

The uses for Pre-mixed Oils

  • Baths
  • Message
  • Inhalation
  • Foot baths

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